Fibromyalgia Bootcamp

FIBROMYALGIA BOOT CAMPFibro Boot Camp is an innovative approach for moderate to severe cases of fibromyalgia that have not responded to the usual treatments. We utilize multiple therapeutic modalities which have been very effective in our programs, combining them for a synergy effect to improve daily function significantly over a 16 week period of time.After a comprehensive evaluation by Dr.Rigden, Fibro Boot Camp includes diet, natural supplements, injectable Vit. B12, and magnesium, IV’s of glutathione and trigger point injections. The idea behind a 16 week intense approach is to achieve positive changes that often require a year or more.What’s Included: questionnaires, Vit. D3 (2000i.u.)x2, EPA/DHA 720 #120×2, Fibroplex 4/da #240×2, UIFX or UC+pHx4, Vit.B12 inj.x8, Mag. inj.x8, Glutathione IVx4.Appointments: 16 weeksInitial: 1 hr.with SRVisit #2 @ 30 days: 1.5 hr. SR + TBVisit #3 @ 60 days: SR trigger pt./TBVisit #4 @ 120 days: 1.5 hr. SR + TBCOSTInsurance: office visits and trigger points are covered; + $1270 payable in 4 equal payments over 16 weeks, or $1000 in advanceCash: $1970 payable in 4 equal payments over 16 weeks, or $1600 in advance

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  • I came to Dr. Rigden desperate for help as I weighed more than 300 pounds and had developed Diabetes. Now my blood sugars are normal and I have lost almost 100 pounds. Dr. Rigden and his staff are positive and supportive! I enthusiastically recommend them!! – M.P., Fountain Hills, Az.
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